“black rust” and cast iron seasoning - sheryl canter

“Black Rust” and Cast Iron Seasoning - Sheryl Canter

My previous post on the chemistry of cast iron seasoning focused on fat polymerization – the transformation of an oil into a hard, slick glaze. After I posted that, someone sent me some links that talked about two other elements in cast iron seasoning: carbon and magnetite.

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important update on cod liver oil - chris kresser

Important Update on Cod Liver Oil - Chris Kresser

An independent analysis of Green Pastures Fermented Cod Liver Oil suggests that it may not live up to its claims. But is the analysis sound? Get the nitty gritty details and my recommendations. As many of you know, I’ve long been an advocate of cod liver oil. In addition to being a good source of

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natural remedies for an enlarged prostate - earth clinic®

Natural Remedies for an Enlarged Prostate - Earth Clinic®

May 08, 2018· Notify me of follow-up comments to my post via e-mail. Note: you can also receive notifications to this thread without commenting.. Reviews From Our Readers. Saw Palmetto. Frank from Maryland. March 2, 2019 at 4:15 pm. Been using Saw Palmetto since my early fifties to keep my prostate healthy. Now in my mid-sixties and add a zinc supplement in addition to the SP. Combo working very

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